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Optimum Quality Management
We utilize 6 Sigma methodology for problem solving for continuous corrective improvements for day to day quality. By continual preplanning, monitoring inventory levels, and quality testing, we are able to job cost and provide savings for our customers. With our dedication to quality, cost and shipping, we support our customers with a winning team of success.


We provide Blanchard machine grinding for standard surface grinding of large and small plates, washers and rings, etc. The main feature of our Blanchard rotary surface grinding operations is heavy stock removal rates for all magnetic materials. Using significantly greater horsepower than other methods, Blanchard will leave its trademark cross-hatched surface finish pattern, typically within a 32-125 RMS range, though better finishes are possible.

It quickly removes stock from one side of a part, typically a part too large to be double disc ground. Dimensional tolerances to ┬▒.001″, parallelism to .001″, and flatness to .001″ are achievable on all our Blanchard processes.