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Optimum Quality Management
We utilize 6 Sigma methodology for problem solving for continuous corrective improvements for day to day quality. By continual preplanning, monitoring inventory levels, and quality testing, we are able to job cost and provide savings for our customers. With our dedication to quality, cost and shipping, we support our customers with a winning team of success.

Vertical Turning

“Turning” defines the work that is traditionally done on a horizontal lathe. “Turning centers” is a term sometimes applied to machines with particularly sophisticated
capabilities related to secondary spindles and/or rotating tools for milling and drilling.IMG_9152

In turning, unlike in milling or drilling, the work piece spins while the cutting tool does not. The cutting tool feeds along the length or diameter of the rotating part. The work piece in turning can be held in a chuck or collet, to name two of the more common work holding methods. The turning machine may also include spindles for the cutting tools to accomplish non-turvert-turning2ning operations such as milling and drilling. If this is the case, the machine stops the work piece from spinning in order to perform these operations within the same machining cycle as the turning work. In fact, for some parts, the milling and drilling capabilities may be used so extensively that a non-turned, non-round part might also be produced on this type of machine. If the work piece rests on a table driven by the spindle, then this machine is generally called a vertical turret lathe, or VTL.

Mechanical Devices Company has expanded it’s operation to include (11) VTL machines for manufacturing outlined above. These machines are built to have work hold ranges starting at 15 inches to 55 inches in size.

Horizontal Turning

Mechanical Devices CNC horizontal turning capabilities includes contour turning, form turning, profile single point threading, taper turning, straight turning and keyway shaping. Other processes available include 3-axis, live tooling-equipped turning centers include facing, broaching, reaming, and threading. We are able to produce parts from 2 inches to 24 inch turning than we reply on our vertical turning centers for larger sizes.