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prodMechanical Devices equipment, employment, and manufacturing system is diverse to meet your machining requirements. Our modern manufacturing facility includes a wide range of services and is sized regularly to meet capacity demands and capability requirements. We are experienced in machining of various materials: Ductile Iron, Grey Iron, Steel and Aluminum.

Our fleet capabilities include:

Our processes are designed using ISO 9001 quality requirements and employ a solid production system to deliver quality cost competitive
full services for casting, forging, machining, and logistic support.

prod2The U.S. manufacturing industry today faces high levels of local and international competition. Mechanical Devices has developed a production system that comprises management philosophy and practices. We organize suppliers, manufacturing, and logistics to meet our customer goals built on the 5S guidelines and reduction of 8 signs of waste.
By implementing a 5S program and operating with OEE efficiency, we eliminate waste and run
a lean operational process at over an 85% optimum level. This saves both time and money for our customers. We also implement sales and operational planning (S&OP) both internally and externally which allows us to demonstrate performance for future production planning. S&OP sessions allow us to develop relationships with our customer establishing the same vested interest for success.