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Optimum Quality Management
We utilize 6 Sigma methodology for problem solving for continuous corrective improvements for day to day quality. By continual preplanning, monitoring inventory levels, and quality testing, we are able to job cost and provide savings for our customers. With our dedication to quality, cost and shipping, we support our customers with a winning team of success.

Employment Opportunities:


1st Shift: M-F

2nd Shift: M-F

3rd Shift: M-F

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We Are Currently Hiring through the following Certified Employment Agencies

Please either apply directly with one our certified employment agencies listed above or print the document below, fill it out, and bring it in to our office. We will then contact them for you. Mechanical Devices offers on the job training for new employees in our on-site Mechanical Devices School with our own dedicated professor. We offer training with manufacturing CNC experience and also offers a 8 week Internship for non-skilled new employees that covers, OSHA Safety, Gage and Process Control Usage, Corrective Action and Print Reading.

Employment Application CLICK HERE