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Optimum Quality Management
We utilize 6 Sigma methodology for problem solving for continuous corrective improvements for day to day quality. By continual preplanning, monitoring inventory levels, and quality testing, we are able to job cost and provide savings for our customers. With our dedication to quality, cost and shipping, we support our customers with a winning team of success.

Horizontal Machining Center (500 to 1,250 mm)

Mechanical Devices Company machining center processes is capable to meet market needs. We incorporate the latest technology and is sized regularly to meet capacity demands and capability requirements. Our equipment, tooling and processes are developed to insure we can maintain customer tolerances without sacrificing engineering demands.

Our machining center capability is based on Mori, OKK and Toyoda machine tools with pallet pools and standard (2) pallet systems. Mechanical Devices uses a kitting program to reduce non-value added time and increase spindle utilization.

In order to meet any demands required of our customers, we utilize a second tier supply base to provide services such as painting, heat treatment and plating. We use our second tier supply base so we can reduce cost by controlling those processes as a tier 1.

Vertical Machining Center

A vertical machining center is said to be more versatile than the horizontal. It is a lighter machine, and it concentrates on small pieces of material. A horizontal machining center is much heavier and is designed to deal with larger pieces of material and heavier workloads.

Mechanical Devices has a total of seventeen vertical machining centers equipment with trunnions and 4th axis to take advantage of rotational machining. Our machines are equipment with 40 and 50 tapper spindles to match customers’ product needs. The four-axis machine potentially reduces labor costs because it combines the work of two machining centers.